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CH Woest-Hoeve MC Spittlebug
ADGA 2016 Spotlight Sale Doe
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DNA Typed
G6s Normal by Test
3-03 E91 (VEEE)
2-04 E91(EEEE)

4 Year Old 4th Freshener

Sire:  SGCH +B Alize Charleston Chew
  SS:  *B Lakeshore PS Tropical Storm
  SD:  SGCH Jacobs Pride Red Hot Candy

Dam:  SGCH Iron-Owl Milli-Pede 3*M
  DS:  SGCH +B Iron-Owl Bluebeard
  DD:  SGCH Iron-Owl TRX Skeeter 2*M

DOB: March 20, 2016


She is affectionately known as Lovebug.  At the current time it appears her show days are over.  She began limping early this past summer.  Thinking she might have sprained something I put her on Meloxicam which did not seem to help.  I then went ahead and asked our veterinarian to become involved in her care.  She diagnosed her with laminitis due to her feet feeling hot including increased pulses in all feet.  We kept her as quiet as possible for several weeks and again put her on the Meloxicam for discomfort.  Lovebug seemed to be making improvement and just when we thought we were doing really well she then started walking as if her left hip was out of joint.  At that point we involved a veterinarian who specialized in chiropractor work and it was determined that her hip was not out of joint but probably she had fractured her patella due to over compensating when walking due to her laminitis.  At this time she is walking with a slight limp which will most likely keep her out of the show ring but the plus side is she will be an excellent brood doe.  It has been an extremely difficult year for us and I know for a lot of other people.  We lost her son late this spring, Nubilop Acres Wild Thang, of unknown causes who was one of our favorite herdsires.  As a result of losing him it has definitely left a hole In our breeding plans. Lovebug’s past show records and linear appraisal scores speak volumes about the quality of this doe.

Cumulative Show Wins
2020 (4 Year Old) – 5x Best of Breed, 1X Best Doe In Show
2019 (3 year old) - 10x 1st, 10x Best Of Breed, 4x Best Udder of Breed, 1X 2nd Choice Best Doe In Show
2018 (2 year old)  - 4X 1st
, 2x Res Sr CH, 2x GCH, 3x BOB, 4x BUOB
2017 (Yearling 1st Freshener) – 7x1st in Class, 3x2nd in Class,
1x Sr. GCH, 1x Res CH, 2x 1st Udder of Class
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Lovebug's Photos...


3 Year Old 3rd Freshener

2 Year Old 2nd Freshener...

Yearling 1st Freshener


SGCH Iron-Owl Milli-Pede 3*M
92 EEEE 4-04
SGCH +B Alize Charleston Chew
90 EEV 4-06


Dams Dam
SGCH Iron-Owl TRX Skeeter 2*M
90 EEEE 4-03
Sires Dam
Red Hot Candy
SGCH Jacobs Pride Red Hot Candy
92 E+EE 7-04


Dam's Sire
SGCH +B Iron-Owl Bluebeard
92 EEE 6-06
Paternal Sister
SGCH Woest-Hoeve Suidoni 5*M
SGCH Woest-Hoeve Suidoni 5*M
89 VVVV 4-02
90 VVEE 3-04


Full Sister
SG Woest-Hoeve MC Maggie
86 ++VE 1-03