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Senior Doe
GCH Mojave Dunes Shasta *M
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LA: 1-03 +80(++VA)
LA: 3-05 E90(VEEE)
LA:  6-05 E91(VEEE)

5 Year Old 5th Freshener
Sire:  Amberwood Galileo's Eclipse
   SS:  J2K Capraio Giovanni's Galileo
   SD:  Rose Valley's Holly Go Lightly
Dam:  Brindavans Sienna
    DS:  Mojave Dunes Smooth Criminal
    DD:  Mojave Dunes Michala

DOB: February 23, 2012

We brought Shasta back from Mojave Dunes in California as a young doe and she has been with us since except for the spring of 2016 when we sold our herd.  We are very thankful to Lancaster’s Edge for giving us the opportunity to bring her back into our herd.  She is very definitely Dale’s doe and if he is not around she is looking for him.  This makes it very difficult for anyone else to show her, especially when Dale is in sight.  She is a beautiful doe, deep bodied, excelling in dairy character with a beautiful mammary system.  I would, however, change her topline.  She presented us with a doeling and buckling this past spring.  Shasta’s doeling, Legacy, won a Best Junior Doe In Show.  We decided to not show Shasta this past year in 2018 as we had a lot of others to sort through.  Perhaps we will put her back in the show ring next year as she certainly is still show quality. 

Cumulative Show Wins
2017 (5 Yr. Old 5th Freshener) – 2x 1st Udder of Class, 1x Res. Sr. Champion, 6X Best Of Breed
2016 (4th Freshening 4 Yr. Old) - 3x1st in Class, 3xSr. GCH
2015 (3rd Freshening 3 Yr. Old) - 8x1st in Class, 1xRes GCH, 7xSr. GCH, 3xBOB, 4xBest Udder of Breed
2014 (2nd Freshening 2 Yr. Old) - 6x1st in Class, 2x1st Udder of Class, 2xRes. Sr. Champion
2013 (Yearling Milker) - 6x1st in Class, 2x1st Udder of Class

Breeding/Kidding info

Shasta           Shasta
3 Year Old 3rd Freshener

Shasta           Shasta
2 Year Old Second Freshener

Shasta           Shasta
Yearling 1st Freshener

Junior Doe


Brindavans Sienna


 Amberwood Galileo's Eclipse
Amberwood Galileo's Eclipse