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Senior Doe
Nubilop Acres Picante Show Off
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G6s Normal by Test
1-03 V86 (+VVV)

Yearling First Freshener...
Sire:  Tide Land Lightning Bug
   SS:  Tide Land Playboy's Banshee
   SD:  SG Woest Hoeve Exodus Doodle

Dam:  M*L Legacy Picante
    DS:  J&R Spirit's LFS 1 Hot Tamale
    DD:  Canoe Creek Jasmon

DOB:  March 31, 2018

I have been infatuated with this doe since she was born.  Her sweet easy going disposition is a plus as well.  I love the shape of her rear udder with a very nice fore udder to go along with it.  I could certainly bring those teats in just a little, however.  Her dam became a permanent champion this year as well as going Best Senior Doe In Show at the Iowa State Fair so Show Off has some “big shoes to fill”.  I think as she matures she is going to be a powerful doe with tremendous depth of body. Our barn milk records show her producing from 6.5# to 7# daily  even through show season and the hot humid summer.

2019 Show Wins
Yearling First Freshener
SMDGA Show, Neosho, MO
(Judges: Jay Rudolph, TeCoa Seibert, Colt Churchill)

1st of 3 in Ring 1
2nd of 3 in Ring 2, 1st Udder Of Class
2nd of 3 in Ring 3
Quad State Classic, Sioux Center, IA
(Judge: Peter Snyder)
3rd of 4
Iowa State Fair, Des Moines, IA
(Judge: Timothy Flickinger)
1st of 12, 1st Udder Of Class
Nebraska State Fair, Grand Island, NE
(Judges: Joe Pilotte & Karen Smith)
7th of 12 in Ring 1
2nd of 12 in Ring 2
Flat Water Classic, Madison, NE
(Judges: Julie Matthys & Timothy Flickinger)
1st of 5 in Ring 1
2nd of 5 in Ring 2

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Show Off's Photos

Junior Doe photo...


M*L Legacy Picante
3-05 E90 (VEEE)

Sires Dam

SG Woest Hoeve Exodus Doodle