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Senior Doe
Begley's Troubled Acres Skrambl
2018 ADGA Colorama Sale Doeling
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G6s Normal by Parentage

2 Yr Old 1st Freshener
Sire:  Begley's Troubled Acres FZ Zeus
   SS:  SG +B Begley's Troubled Acres Frisco
   SD:  Begley's Troubled Acres J Zumba

Dam:  SGCH Begley's Troubled Acre Skdlbut 3*M
              5-02 E91 (EEEE)
    DS:  SGCH ++*B Lakeshore Farms Star Status
    DD:  SGCH Begley's Troubled Acre Dabble 2*M

DOB: May 09, 2018

Skrambl has a sweet disposition and definitely excels in general appearance.  However, we had some issues with mastitis on one side which has affected the right side of her udder.  It took us a little while to figure out what was going on.  We finally caught on that anywhere from two to three minutes after supposedly being finished milking her she would let down another one to two pounds of milk which was left in her udder until the next milking.  Once we figured that little trick out we were able to turn her around and keep her from developing more problems, but not able to reverse the difference in size of her halves.  Hopefully, when she freshens next spring her udder will be even or close to being even.  I believe she has the needed height of rear udder as well as a nice foreudder to be competitive next year if she comes into milk this coming spring pretty even.  Keeping my fingers crossed on this one!

2020 Show Wins
2 Yr. Old 1st Freshener
Quad State Classic, Sioux Center, IA
(Judge: Ashley Scheel)
2nd of 8
NDGA Show, Weeping Water, NE
(Judges: Mark Baden, Dan Greene, Jennifer Lawrence)
5th of 9 in Ring 1
5th of 9 in Ring 2
5th of 9 in Ring 3

Cumulative Show Wins
2019 (Dry Yearling) 4x 1st, 3x Res. Jr. Champion, 1x Jr. Champion & Best Jr. Doe In Show

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Skrambl's Photos...

Junior Doe

SGCH Begley's Troubled Acre Skdlbut 3*M
5-02 E91 (EEEE)
(photo courtesy of Begley's Troubled Acre)

Maternal Sister to Skrambl

Begley's Troubled Acre Secrets
LA: 3-0 E90 (EEVE)
(photo courtesy of Begley's Troubled Acre)