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2020 Herd Brochure

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Dale & I have certainly enjoyed the shows we have attended in 2019 and the many friends we have been able to see and visit with.  We pray we will have a few more years to enjoy our herd and the ability to continue getting out and showing them.  We are especially hopeful to be able to participate in the ADGA National Show here in Nebraska in 2020.   As we continue to build a new herd after selling out three years ago, I feel we are nearly back at the level we were when we sold our herd.  We have many herds to thank for that but it all began with the purchase of the 2016 ADGA Spotlight sale doeling, Woest Hoeve M C Spittlebug.  As you look through our website you will see those herds that are making a tremendous impact on the quality of our herd.  A new addition to our herd is the 2019 ADGA Colorama sale doeling, DKGH Sonset Rosary who we were able to put a Junior CH leg on as well as going Best In Show late this summer. 

Our herd is tested annually for CAE and has been negative for as many years as I can remember.  We are also free of abscesses.  The status of our herd sires for G6S are either normal by testing or normal by parentage.  We will be working on G6S status for the rest of the herd as well as doing some DNA testing.

Our kids are normally weaned at around three months of age and the use of toltrazuril is used in the prevention of coccidiosis.  I find this the most effective method of coccidiosis prevention and it is relatively easy to use.  The use of Lysigin and J-Vac for mastitis are used in our mature does along with other vaccinations for clostridium & respiratory/pneumonia in our herd.

TERMS OF SALE:  If a kid is reserved prior to birth, the price is as stated on the “Kidding Schedule” page.  However, we do reserve the right to modify pricing once the kids are born if they are not preordered prior to birth.  A $100 deposit is requested for each kid ordered.  The remaining balance is due before being shipped or picked up.  We prefer to place kids in their new homes by four weeks of age, but are willing to make arrangements to hold a kid longer if necessary.  Orders are accepted on a first requested basis.  It is recommended you make a 1st & 2nd choice to better assure you getting a kid in the event your 1st choice does not come through.  There will be no refunds on cancelled orders.  However, if we cannot fill your order or the kid does not meet our specifications, your deposit will be refunded or held until next year, whichever you choose.  All health papers & shipping expenses are the responsibility of the buyer.  We do reserve the right to retain any animal on our sales list.

Thanks to all who have purchased animals from us.  We hope that they have become an important part of your herd.

Thank you,
Dale & Marilyn Stertz

Nubilop Acres
Hickman, Nebr.

E-Mail: nubilopacres @

One of our guard dogs, Daisy, keeping watch!


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