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For Sale

We would like to thank all of you who contacted us before I even got a chance to list any of our does on our For Sale page and have made a wonderful home for them.

In an effort to keep our herd numbers somewhat under control we are offering the following 2018 doe kids for sale.  If you have questions or would like pictures before I get a chance to get some posted please feel free to email us.


2018 Doe Kids for Sale...

Nubilop Acres Strawberry - N1955312 - $450

(click on registration # for pedigree)

For Sale:  $350 open - $400 bred
Lancasters Edge Sassy Lady
(Click on Registration #)
LA:  1-03  +84 (++VV)


Sassy was shown under two judges this year placing 1st out of 4 in her
class under Jake Bradford and 3rd out of 3 in her class under Grace Joy.