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2022 Kidding Schedule

Doe Buck Bred To Due/Kids Price Reserved Available
Lovebug Woest Hoeve MB Bo Diddley Feb/March $1,000 1st Doe Retained  
Mary J&M Hideaway AB American Hero March $700 1st Doe Retained  
Rosary Diddly April $800 1st Doe Retained  
Evening Affair Diddly April $1,200 1st Doe Retained
2nd Doe Reserved
1st Buck Retained
Romance Lakeshore True Belalu March/April $600    
True Style Belalu Feb/March $600 1st Doe Retained  
Bluebelle Lakeshore Show Me
The Last Show
April $500    
Special Lady Show Me April $450    
Wispy Willow Diddly April $500    
Kaimana Hero April $450    
Noodle Manzinita Farm EZ Lovin March $800 1st Doe Retained  
Who-Dunnit EZ Lovin April $500    
Rhonda Show Me March $500  
Hey Babe Hero March $450    
Everlane Hero Feb/March $500    
Jitterbug EZ Lovin March $500    
NOTE:  All Nubian Junior Does born in the Spring of 2021 listed on “First Freshener” page will be bred to Diddley if they are mature enough.  The LaMancha, Mad About You, will be bred to EZ Lovin for late April/May kids.  These kids will all be priced at $400. 
Doe Buck Bred To Due/Kids Price Reserved Available
Anna Grace          
Doodlin Bug
True Beauty          
Tropical Heat          
Mad About You