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Nubilop Acres Wispy Willow
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G6s Normal by Parentage

Yearling 1st Freshener

Sire:  Nubilop Acres Loves Wild Thang
   SS:  Tide Land Lightning Bug
   SD:  CH Woest-Hoeve MC Spittlebug

Dam:  CH M*L Legacy Picante
    DS:  J&R Spirit's LFS 1 Hot Tamale
    DD:  Canoe Creek Jasmon

DOB: May 8, 2020

AND so the story goes……….As a junior doe Dale hated this doe as she refused to eat her grain with her peers and demanded being let out of her pen to have her own feed pan to eat out of.  He was looking forward to her departure from our herd after she freshened and I was very close to selling her as I really could not see much fore udder and the rear udder at that time was not that impressive.  It was at that point that Dale told me not to sell her as he had developed a special bond with her somewhere along the line.  So okay!  We will give her a little more time.  I do think it is her overall general appearance, her color, those beautiful ears and Nubian head that make a person take a second look.  Willow freshened in July with a single so she only made it to two shows.  It was at our last show of the year, the Nebraska State Fair that she really started to blossom.  She now has one of the highest attached rear udders as well as one of the longest foreudders in our herd.  I honestly believe her udder has more height in rear attachment as well as a longer fore udder extension than her dam.  My biggest criticism of Willow is the fact she needs a little smoother topline but that can be helped in the show ring by a little tickle under her belly.   She is definitely a doe to watch in the next couple of years. 

2021 Show Wins
Yearling 1st Freshener
Missouri State Fair, Sedalia, MO
(Judges: Todd Biddle )
4th of 4
Nebraska State Fair, Grand Island, NE
(Judges: Julie Matthys & Cameron Jodlowski )
1st of 6, 1st Udder of Class in Ring 1
4th of 6 in Ring 2

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CH M*L Legacy Picante
Sire's Dam

CH Woest-Hoeve MC Spittlebug

Nubilop Acres Loves Wild Thang